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AboutRistorante Aroma

The Aroma of the Sea and Land
Our expertly crafted cuisine will introduce to you to the true Italian way of enjoying life through food. The chefs of Ristorante Aroma bring their passion for food from their homeland to our tables, and are proud to share with you the specialties from all regions of Italy.

Experience the rich flavors of the north, including truffles, porcini, and delicate cream sauces accenting most dishes. From the central part of the country we enjoy Roman artichokes, and sauces like putanesca and amatriciana.

Further south in Napoli, the region of mare e monti , the scent of fresh herbs fills the air and accents flavorful tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella. And from the boot of Italy, we heat it up with the spicy cuisine of Calabria.


FromItaly to Your Table

I profumi di mare e della terra
If you’ve ever wondered what Italian food is like in the country where it originated, you can find it here at Ristorante Aroma.

Italian ingredients, Italian chefs, and Italian food at its best.

Buon Appetito!